Julian Gerstin
percussion    /  ethnomusicology


My academic teaching includes courses in the areas of world music surveys; African, African Diasporic, Caribbean, and Latin American music; jazz and U.S. music history; improvisation; performance and social movements; art and anthropology; and cultural anthropology.  I also teach West African and Caribbean ensembles, providing hands-on experience to music majors, non-majors, or both together.  Here’s a specific list:

        Sonoma State University, 2001-present
                Survey of World Music                             History of Jazz

                Survey of U.S. Music                                Music of Africa and the African Diaspora

        San José State University, 1999-present
                Music in World Cultures                 West African Percussion Ensemble
                Worlds of Jazz                                 Applied Improvisation: Africa/Diaspora
                Music of Latin America                  Musical Communities
                Studies in Improvisational Traditions (graduate seminar)

UC Berkeley Center for Media and Independent Learning, 1997-2003 (distance learning)
      Musics of the World
      Introduction to Physical Anthropology

Western Kentucky University, 1998-99
     Introduction to Cultural Anthropology       Visual Anthropology
     Music of the Caribbean                               Anthropology of Religion

Wesleyan University, 1997-98
     Problems and Methods (graduate seminar in music scholarship,        
        including musicology and
music history in addition to ethno-

     Being an Ethnomusicologist (graduate seminar)
     Performance and Social Movements
     Afro-Cuban Ensemble
     Salsa Ensemble

University of the Pacific, 1996-97                   
Musics of the World’s Peoples

Chabot College, 1989, 1990, and 1996-97
Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology
     Introduction to Physical Anthropology
     African and Diasporic Music

College of Alameda, 1989 and 1991

  Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Vista College, 1989
    Art and Anthropology

                Here are some courses I’ve not yet taught, but would like to someday:

                     Rhythmic Structures of African and Diasporic Music              History of Anthropology
                     Rhythm Practicum (for music majors, all instruments)               History of Ethnomusicology
                     Time and Music (theoretical approaches)                                   Anthropology for Ethnomusicologists
                     Music and Theories of Symbolic Thought (language,              Social Movements
                            semiotics, structuralism, symbolic anthropology)