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A Spiral Quilt for Stefanie

page 6: figuring out the tentacles...

The first thing I tried was printing an image of the center of the quilt, then overlaying that with vinyl so I could draw on it with a marker, and then erase it if I didn't get it right.
I tried several different renditions; here's another one at right.
After playing with the drawing for awhile, I tried translating those ideas to the actual piece, 
and it was a disaster; I didn't know how to replicate what I had on my little piece of paper 
to this gigantic thing on the wall!
So I regrouped, and after trying a couple of other unsuccessful methods, came up with the idea of using masking tape as my "marker".  It worked beautifully -- nice contrast, and it stayed where I put it!

So at left you see the piece on the wall with the 5 tentacles mapped out with masking tape.  Now all I had to do was figure out how to make those thin sinuous shapes in cloth!


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