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A Spiral Quilt for Stefanie

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It's been a tremendously long time since I posted anything on this page, and I feel quite remiss!

Stefanie's quilt is now almost totally finished, but let me try to walk you through some of the steps between my last posting and now...

On left is the spiral just a bit bigger than you saw it on the last page, bordered with the fabric I dyed for the purpose.

First, I had to make the center of the piece rectangular.  On the right, you can see some temporary thoughts on the wall about how to do that.
On the left is the center as it actually was pieced.  Yes, the colors are quite different than in the last couple photos;  it's extremely hard to get photos of such a large object in my apartment, so I have to manipulate the images I take with my camera.  At the moment, these are the best I can do.  Please pardon any inconsistencies! 

And now the tentacles start coming in!  With the piece on my bedroom wall, I put up some fabric for tentacles.  If you want to see the piece of tentacle-fabric before it was cut up, go here (It was quite spectacular, and had been waiting for just the right use!).

Trying to figure out just what the "gesture" of the tentacles would be was quite a process!  Go to the next page to see some adventures with that.


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