early 2003

Artichoke House continued...

So what does this Artichoke house look like anyway?  It's difficult to really see this three dimensional object in only two dimensions, but I'll try to give you a tour.

There are two boards, each 18" x 9", anchoring the piece at top and bottom, but not visible, as they are covered by cloth.  Suspended from the top board are 4 lengths of cloth, which then go around the bottom board, forming a giant hanging box.

First, I give you a detail shot of the "roof" of the piece, which supports the top board.

And here is an image of the whole piece, hanging by its roof.  If you want to see a larger version of this image, click here.


Below are 4 pictures of the sides of the piece (starting with the side facing us in the image above and moving consecutively around the piece. If you click on any particular side, you'll get another page with a larger image of that side, and a detail shot as well.


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